Dr. Lisa Benya

Dr. Benya

Founder, Board Certified Physician

Available at: CURE Malibu Medical, CURE Concierge

Dr. Lisa Benya is a Board Certified Physician who functions as founder, developer and acting director of CURE.

Dr. Benya has been working in the medical industry for over 10 years, practicing for over seven of those years at CURE Malibu Medical. The general medical practice was purchased in 2003 from Dr. James Allen after working with him in the clinic for 3 years. It had been an existing medical practice for 15 years prior to the purchase.

During Dr. Benya’s career she also built a spa in a perfect territory for a medical spa. Dr. Benya’s unique approach to preventing and solving medical problems, along with her people skills, are a perfect fit for building the client-base for CURE Spa Malibu and seeing it through to success.

This established family practice quickly began expanding. Her training in internal medicine allowed her to immediately broaden the scope of the practice to include more difficult, serious, and chronic conditions. Dr. Benya is a staff member of both St. John’s Hospital and Santa Monica-UCLA Hospital which enables her to care for patients in the office as well as in the hospital.

Following Dr. Benya’s own personal interest in beauty and cosmetics, she became certified in all non-surgical cosmetic treatments.  The cosmetic portion of the business filled a need for beauty services that the Malibu community demands.  As she watched the power that outer beauty was having on inner well-being and happiness – and the impact that inner health has on one’s outer being – Dr. Benya began to explore the world of spa as another means to health. In late 2006, she rented another suite in the same building, which opened as a full-service medical spa, offering massage, facials, body treatments, hydrotherapy, steam, and sauna.

CURE offers complete medical care, for people of all ages and with all health concerns. From preventative yearly physicals to routine maintenance of chronic medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol to emergency care for trauma resulting in broken bones and lacerations – CURE provides the most comprehensive plan to health and wellness available. Dr. Benya provides care both in the office setting as well as the hospitals (St.John’s and Santa-Monica UCLA Hospitals), managing every medical issue from beginning to resolution.