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While almost every story on the news focuses on what will happen next with Japan’s Nuclear Reactors, the question on the street in L.A. is; when will the radioactive cloud reach our shores?

Trust a spa professional when they tell you, there has never been a better time to fall in love with seaweed.

A drive down the Malibu coast can help to lift spirits and heavy hearts after the stress of news of the recent disaster in Japan, and if you are concerned about looming, toxic elements and their side effects, stop into CURE Spa while you are there because they have amazing treatments that provide a natural source of protective iodine.

Believe it or not, radiation can be washed off with soap and water, and taking a protective iodine pill simply floods the body with iodine to prevent it then from absorbing more radioactive iodine.

Dr. Jack Merendino says:

Giving iodine tablets to people who may be exposed in the area of a nuclear reactor accident lessens the risk that a person will accumulate a large amount of radioactive iodine in his or her body. By giving what amounts to a huge amount of iodine by comparison to what one normally takes in, you can “swamp” or dilute the radioactive iodine as a percentage of what will be absorbed. In addition, after getting a large amount of iodine in a short time, the body shuts down iodine absorption for a period of days to weeks in order to prevent overload. (The technical term for this is the “Wolff-Chaikoff effect.”) Therefore, giving iodine tablets lessen the increase in thyroid cancer risk that follows exposure after a nuclear accident.

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