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cure spaCURE is an upscale destination medical spa located in Malibu, California, offering a complete medical, cosmetic, and spa experience, developed by Dr. Lisa Benya.  CURE boasts three beautiful locations – CURE Malibu Road, CURE Spa at the Malibu Beach Inn Hotel and Le CURE Spa at The Beverly Hills Plaza Hotel.

CURE Malibu Road –

This location serves as CURE headquarters is conveniently located next to Dr. Benya’s medical practice.  It offers ultra-chic, ultra-comfortable treatment rooms with the all the newest equipment and techniques. CURE also offers massages in a variety of styles – traditional Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue work, Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology, Sports, Pregnancy and  CURE Signature Message. We also offer facial and body treatments, Vitamin C Antioxidant Facial and CURE’s Anti-Free Radical Treatment. The day spa has the latest in anti-aging products and techniques, as well as traditional services.  All medical services 24 hour call is provided by Malibu Medical – Dr. Lisa Benya.

CURE Spa at The Malibu Beach Inn –

This is the secondary location on Carbon Beach in the newly remolded Malibu Beach Inn.  At the Inn, CURE provides all hotel spa service, in room services are provided, Beach Bungalow Messages, and CURE’s SPA at the INN.

Le Cure Spa at The Beverly Hills Plaza Hotel –
This is CURE’s newest addition located in prestigious Beverly Hills on Wilshire Boulevard, a short distance from world renowned shopping mecca of Rodeo Drive.  Le Cure Spa offers the same upscale spa service menu with additional offerings such as Lash Extensions and The Spa Soiree (massage accompanied with champagne and lunch).


CURE is a subsidiary of Malibu Medical Corp, a California S-corp, owned by Dr. Lisa Benya who functions as founder, developer and acting director. Dr. Benya has been working in the medical industry for the last ten years.  Her tenure with Malibu Medical has been over 5 years in which time she has built a leading medical practice.  During Dr. Benya’s career she also created a spa as a perfect addition. Dr. Benya’s unique approach to preventing and solving medical problems, accompanied with her caring bedside manner, are a perfect fit for building the client-base for CURE spa creating her success.


The general medical practice was purchased in 2003 from Dr.James Allen after working with him in the clinic for 3 years. It had been an existing medical practice for 15 years prior to the purchase.

This established family practice quickly began expanding. Her training in internal medicine allowed her to immediately broaden the scope of the practice to include more difficult, serious, and chronic conditions. Dr.Benya is a staff member of both St. John’s Hospital and Santa Monica-UCLA Hospital which enables her to care for patients in the office and in the hospital environment.

Following Dr.Benya’s own personal interest in beauty and cosmetics, she became certified in all non-surgical cosmetic treatments available.  The cosmetic portion of the business filled a need for beauty services that the Malibu community demands.  As she watched the power that outer beauty was having on inner well-being and happiness – and the impact that inner health has on one’s outer being.


CURE’s clientele  are some of the most sophisticated, educated and most experienced individuals in the world.  They are knowledgeable about the latest and most successful health and medical programs, and yet are just as concerned about the safety of the environment.  Providing state-of-the-art medical care while being conscious of the most natural ways of healing both for the body and the environment has been extremely rewarding, and it is exactly what every community deserves.


CURE was created out of the knowledge that true health involves more than just keeping a person’s organs functioning properly.  The medical field needs to learn to address ALL aspects of a person’s life – from nutrition, exercise, and sleep habits to stress levels, self-esteem, and confidence – and understand that proper organ function is as much a consequence of how a person lives and feels on a daily basis as it is the genes they were given.  How you feel emotionally, how you look, and how your body functions are all interconnected.  Incorporating spa treatments of massage, facials, soaks, steam, etc. into CURE allows patient care on every level, inside and out.  This is the most complete and comprehensive path to health and wellness available.


The typical medical spa has come to mean a dermatologist or plastic surgeon treats your OUTER appearance with lasers, injections, and the like.  Dr. Benya is redefining what a medical spa SHOULD be – a general medical physician having expertise in ALL areas of the human body, both inside and out, using every modality possible from traditional western medicine; to massage, facials, steam, and soaks; to lasers, botox, and facial fillers, to thoroughly address health from every angle. True wellness and beauty cannot be achieved without inner health and happiness.

Receiving medical training within the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic Health Systems, Dr. Benya is equipped with the most advanced and thorough knowledge of the human body.  This knowledge, coupled with having the most advanced equipment and products available, allows CURE to remain on the cutting-edge of medical care and the spa industry.


To address all aspects of wellness, inside and out, all under one roof, with a board-certified Internal Medicine physician present….this is true healthcare.

1. Cancer patients can receive wigs and makeup services as chemotherapy and radiation treatments causes hair to fall out and skin to lose coloring.  Special massages have been developed after mastectomies to help prevent edema and scar tissue formation.

2. Weight loss programs using complete blood analysis, EKGs, nutrition and exercises regimens, steam/sauna treatments, cellulite reduction with Synergy and body wraps – all completely planned out and supervised  by a physician to get you to a healthy weight.

3.  Skin cancer screening during all spa treatments- all of our estheticians and massage therapists are trained to look for any suspicious lesions during the treatments and alert me immediately for further evaluation.


Malibu Beach Inn host to Exclusive Local Doctor’s Wedding

Dr. Lisa Benya is set to wed fiancé Michael McCauley at Our Lady of Malibu Church in early October.
Following the ceremony, the Malibu Beach Inn, will act as host to the dinner reception and weekend of festivities.
This is one of several exclusive weddings booked at this five star luxury ocean front boutique hotel renting all 47 rooms.
Located along the strip of this beach nicknamed “Billionaire’s Beach” this unique hotel offers complete relaxation, breathtaking views of the ocean with magical sunrises and sunsets.

“Our Team is looking forward to hosting this elaborate celebration. The Hotel couldn’t be more perfect for this type of event; it’s truly like having your guests in your home.
Our environment is professional however, warm and welcoming, says the Hotel’s GM, Jill Allison Jennings.
“We wanted our out of town guests to enjoy the full Malibu experience and the Malibu Beach Inn was the perfect setting” says Dr. Benya

Lisa is a leading Malibu doctor specializing in internal medicine, owning her own medical practice on Malibu Road, as well as a chain of spas called Cure (
Michael works locally and abroad for his family’s businesses, Mamco International (
They started dating in 2003 after meeting at the doctor’s office while Lisa was practicing under Dr. James Allen.

Cure is a premier medical spa with three locations, including Cure Spa at the Malibu Beach Inn, Cure Malibu near the prestigious Colony neighborhood,
and the recently opened Le Cure Spa at The Beverly Hills Plaza Hotel.
Dedicated to providing advanced treatments in state of the art facilities, the spas signature treatments boast genuine medical value in an air of elegance.

The Malibu Beach Inn isn’t the only local participating in this exclusive wedding.
The Malibu Colony Company ( is providing a gorgeous diamond and sapphire one of a kind designer cross necklace for the bride-to-be.
Lisa’s gown is from Brentwood couture designer Kirstie Kelly ( and her hair will be styled by Malibu’s Melissa Geriah at Oracle Salon.

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