Bernie the Great

Bernie Safire is a legend when it comes to hair. With clientele like Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, and Steve McQueen, he was once a household name amongst celebrities. He has thrived in the industry for almost 50 years now, owning numerous salons and his own product line, Safire Blue.

But, at CURE, we know Bernie Safire is so much more than his hair cuts.

Our entire salon loves him and his clients adore him. Who wouldn’t? He is a man of sincerity, humility, kindness, and remarkable talent. Only a few, however, have been lucky enough to know about the ‘pre-hair’ Bernie Safire.

Throughout his life, Bernie accomplished many feats, spanning a wide spectrum of things.

Before becoming a stylist, he started as a prosperous businessman. He opened several popular restaurants throughout Los Angeles, including Bernie’s, The Whale Watch, and Sunset.

Before that, he lived in Hong Kong for some time, experiencing change, a new culture, and the start of a new wig-designing company.

Before that, Bernie was a gymnast. His talent and determination won him 8 gold medals at the 1991 U.S. Senior Olympics. He never shows us any of his moves though!

And before that, he was a Coast Guard, bravely serving our country in the Korean War.

Bernie always kept one thing at the forefront of his endeavors: serving others. This value prompted him to begin hosting charity events annually, selecting a different organization each year. Through all of his experiences, it is clear he sought to do what he loved while helping those around him.

We were thrilled to aid him in doing this at the Cut-A-Thon event a few weeks ago. It was incredible to see Bernie living out his passions. He cut and styled tons of guests, all to benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Malibu. This is an organization that works to assist young people in reaching their full potential in the world. It was the perfect group for Bernie to work with because he exemplifies the concept of reaching full potential.

Over time, I’ve realized that Bernie is not just a legend in the hair industry, but more so, a legend in all things.

He is the ultimate role model and a dear friend of mine.

On behalf of everyone at CURE, we love you Bernie and are so proud to have you as part of our team!

Dr. Benya


The Cut-A-Thon at CURE Malibu / Photo by Bryant GlennBernie Safire and Guest at the Cut-A-Thon / Photo by Bryant Glenn

Bernie Safire at the Cut-A-Thon at CURE Malibu.

Photos by Bryant Glenn.

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